How to properly divide well supply to two houses

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  1. Scott S.

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    Sep 9, 2015
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    I am in construction of our new mobile home on my daughter and son-in-law's 10 acre property. Their house is located at the top of the property's ridge, about 200 feet above us. The property has one well at the bottom of the hill which feeds their house through a 2500 gallon holding tank at the top of property. I need to divide the well supply line at the bottom to feed their house on top as well as our new mobile home at the bottom of the hill. I also have a 2500 gallon holding tank near our new house. The pump system for our house has yet to be installed. A further complication to my problem is that the automatic pump switch from the float in their tank no longer functions due to problems with the wiring somewhere along the 200' climb up the hill. I installed in the main water supply line, two ball valves. Each valve must be shut or opened to fill either their tank or mine manually. Some of the PVC turns I installed has resulted in sediment build up which caused a blockage and no water to their house temporarily. My question is how to properly divide the main water supply line from the well to each house and make this convienient to operate? Any ideas?
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    Having enough sediment to block the pipe concerns me. Maybe you could pump the well out and stop the sediment. If not them maybe you need a filter at the well.

    Filling two storage tanks is easy. Just use a small tank with a CSV at the well with a pressure switch to turn it on and off. Then each storage tank will need a float switch that opens and closes a solenoid valve as needed. Would just need to restrict the well pump so if both storage tanks were filling it won't pump the well down.
    LOW YIELD WELL_and storage with two PK1A.jpg
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    Apr 12, 2012
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    I realize this particular situation is in Ca and will be outside, but I'd like to make a suggestion to anyone who is considering static storage in a basement. Put a high level alarm along with a water sensing pad on the floor tied into a solenoid that will shut the system off in case the floats or Warick controls malfunction. Imagine the damage to a finished basement if hundreds of gallons ran over the top while you're at work or away for the weekend....
  5. Reach4

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    Sep 25, 2013
    If you could put the holding tank between 100 and 180 ft higher than the new mobile home at the bottom of the hill, you would get nice water pressure with no additional pumps or regulators. If the tank were placed 200 ft up, that would give 86.7 PSI so should in theory have a regulator, but in practice might be fine without it.

    If the power went out for a while, you would still have water.
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