1. supergirl

    Shark bite, please don’t cringe

    I do all the plumbing for our projects. He does all the electrical. There is a space I just cannot get to due to physical limitations: the crawl space. We have needed a few small plumbing alterations there and we really cannot use a torch, trust me, I would if I could. (Insulation limited...
  2. S

    Question about SharkBite Slip Ball Valve Length

    Hi - I know people have feelings about SharkBites but maybe we can put that aside for just a moment. For context, I am a not a plumber, I'm a homeowner/sometimes DIYer. In my basement I have sweated-in stop and waste valve that is broken/non-functional and it's in a highly visible and...
  3. Mustanggt428

    Water Heater bad or Sharkbite Thermal Expansion Valve bad?

    Installed a new GE Smart 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater with Flex Capacity and added a Sharkbite Thermal Expansion Relief valve that is piped to my utility sink. Any idea what the hell is happening?Failure video
  4. Eclecticmn

    How to prepare cut copper pipe for sharkbite fitting?

    I want to use a 1 inch sharkbite elbow to receive a 1 inch copper pipe coming down from a hot water cast iron radiator. I want to do this because the floor linoleum is crappy and will need to be replaced. I want to make it easier to move the radiator out of the way. I got a better tube cutter...
  5. Brandon Kelling

    HUGE Water Leak Ruined my entire flooring in house. PEX To Compression Caused ?

    Can anyone please help me ? We purchased this new house last year and less than 6 months living there we woke up to a completely flooded house coming from our claw foot tub. Severe leak coming from the cold water line shown in the photo...Did the plumber use the wrong fitting ? How do I fix this...
  6. bcradw

    SharkBite Fitting Question

    Can I cut the chrome pipe and take the emery sand paper and cloth to this chrome pipe and place a new 1/2" sharkbite valve on vs having to remove the slip fitting at the wall (the broken valve and slip on at the wall appear to be 1 piece) Thank you! (the broken valve and slip on at the wall...
  7. .Nolan.

    Sharkbite physics

    I'm going to be replacing my leaking water main valve, and I'd like to use a sharkbite fitting. I notice the slip joint ball valves (part# 24735LF) do not have the interior white nylon collar (see first picture) that the straight ball valve does (part # 22222-0000LF). What is the purpose of...
  8. Oliver S

    One Piece Push/Pull Angle Stop to Compression Angle Stop

    We are replacing a very large # of toilets at a 2003 built apartment complex. Lines are CPVC. The complication is that we need to replace the existing 1 piece push/pull angle stops because we don't have enough slack in the supply line for the new toilets. It seems like there isn't an ideal...
  9. Bluelight

    How good are Sharkbites for CPVC

    Hi all, I have a house built in 2005 that has a bunch of those crappy Accor technology shutoff valves. I have one that needs replacing right now but I am going to end up replacing them all eventually. I can remove the Accor valves but my question is about the replacements. My options seem to...
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