How do I hook up a Goulds 3/4 hp deep well jet pump with cross and control valve?

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    It's hard to tell exactly what you have from the picture you posted. I'm going to try and keep this as simple as I can. On a deep well jet pump, you have a "DRIVE" line and a "SUCTION" line. The drive line is always smaller than the suction. Typically the drive line is 1" and the suction is 1.25".

    What you really need is a real well head, but since you have a 2.5" casing you can no longer buy the proper casing adapter (well head). If you could convert the 2.5" pipe to 3" you could use a goulds AWJ3 casing adapter and it would be much simpler.

    Just remember this-the suction pipe goes directly down to the jet. The drive pipe is the pipe that sends water between the casing and the jet-it's what the leathers are being used to divert into the nozzle of the jet.

    When running a multi-stage goulds jet pump the backpressure needs to be about 40-45 psi for a two stage. I would also recommend getting a real regulator and getting rid of that one you have. Look for the AV21 regulator. There is one made specially for horizontal pumps, I can't recall the exact model number off hand.

    [edit] OK, I just re-read your post. Your pressure switch has nothing to do with the jet pressure-leave it as is. It always needs to be connected to the "tank pressure", or the same pressure you have in your house lines. Normally they are connected to a port on the pump which reads the same pressure after the pump. Ditch the regulator you have and get an AV-21 regulator, it has a port on it to feed the line to the pressure switch.

    I'm leaning towards something beign wrong with the well itself. I normally run jet pressure from anywhere from 40 psi up to 80 psi with no problem, but 2.5" wells and leathers are a little different and it may be possible to flip the leathers. If there is a hole in the casing you would see the same symptoms.

    Good luck.

    Good luck.
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    I have a 2" well casing and just purchased the same pump as Schimko. This was the original post:

    "So I have a J7 3/4 hp Goulds pump. They also sold me the control valve and the cross piece. We had guessed at this with our first shot and think we had too much pressure going down my casing therefore blowing off my leathers. I read the pump book again today for the 5th time and have come to realize that I need to run my pressure switch off this control valve, which we did not do the first time. The pump book says it should have like 32 psi going down the casing. That seems easy enough to do. My question is how do the pipes run? Like from the cross to the tank to the control valve, or from the cross to the pump to the control valve? I have 3 holes on my pump. The one on top I believe is my main water line and the other 2 are for discharge? The hole in the middle is 1 1/4" and the bottom hole is 1" i believe. Can someone PLEASE help before it starts to freeze my dirt so I cant shovel it back into the hole?"

    Ok, so now I'm reading in the Gould pump booklet that came with the pump that I need a "pressure control valve or some type of flow restrictor in the discharge line." They are suggesting an AV22KIT or an AV22 and a JDW tubing kit. My question is...does anyone have a diagram, schematic or something that I can reference to show the piping to/from the pressure control valve? I also need to know how to install the AV22KIT. Finding a diagram, photograph or schematic is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    Schimko, if you happened to take a picture of your finished Goulds J7 pump setup I would love to see what you did. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi Kbird
    How deep is it to water in your well? If it is deeper than about 20' you are going to need a packer and a casing adapter to use both the 1" and 1 1/4" fitting on the suction of the pump along with the control valve you are talking about. If the water less than 20', you can plug the 1" suction from the pump and just use one pipe connected to the casing, and with one pipe suction you don't need the control valve.
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    Where I live we have water at 12-15 feet and still use Jets at 40 feet or so.

    Not sure why the poster posted a new question here, or why digging up dirt would be needed for a AV22KIT install on a above ground jet pump.

    Maybe I missed something.
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