Homeowner trying to accurately size water softener for family of 7

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Pocatello, Idaho
Hi, I have a family of 7 (2 adults and 5 kids) in Pocatello, Idaho. We are on a municipal water supply with an average of 21 gpg of hardness. I am replacing a 20 year old Culligan water softener. My local plumbing supply houses carry NuGen (https://www.consolidatedsupply.com/Product/1130711) water softeners which are using Clack valves. I am not sure which size would be best for my family. My oldest son graduates from high school this year and my daughter will graduate next year, at which point there will only be 5 of us in the house. Over the last year during non-irrigation months my average water usage per day was 359 gallons per day which seems low compared to what the "average" (75 gallons per person) is . My highest month had an average of 437 and my lowest was 338. We have 2 showers, a tub/shower and 4 toilets in the house. My plumbing is 3/4".

My questions are:
1) Should I get the 70,00 grain or the 60,000 grain water softener? Will it make much difference having the extra capacity? Will salt usage be dramatically different between the 2? There is only a $200 price difference between the 2.
2) Will a whole home filter system be worth it? I currently have an RO for drinking water. The whole home costs about $1,400. Our water is chlorinated, but it does not appear to be much. .

Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank.
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