Hiking Wallace Falls in Gold Bar Washington

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    Wallace Falls hike, just out of Gold Bar in Washington.
    This is a great hike for families.

    We had just a little time in the afternoon for this hike. There are three main points of interest, or you could also say turn around points.

    Lower Falls,
    Middle Falls and
    Upper Falls
    depending on the time you want to spend the the elevation being gained.
    Upper Falls gains 1,700 feet.
    It's a beautiful walk amongst the trees, leading to several eye opening views of the river and falls.

    They have some nice rails to prevent people from falling off,

    Or places for kids to hide in along the way.

    This is the view from one viewpoint.

    And one of the bridges we crossed over.

    It would have been nice to have taken more time and just enjoyed the lower river area.
    The kids were having fun in the river, and the day was running short, and it was time, too soon, to head back.

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    Looks like an awesome place Terry. My mom vacations out in the Seattle area once or twice a year, I should tag along with the family some time.

    I spoke with a good friend over the weekend - he drove up to Maine, biked some trails for the day with his girlfriend before heading up into Canada for the rest of the week.

    Stuff like that makes me wish Florida was a little more diverse or at least not so far from everything else. It's hot down here!
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