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I am planning a renovation/addition to my house and part of that process will involve the plumbing. For years there has only been a whole house filter and a Whirlpool water softener, which has done fine at keeping stains out of the tub, but it has seen better days. I want to make sure I replace the current system with something that is appropriately sized and, if needed, improve the filtering. This is a private well with no records that I could find so I had a lab water test done (results are attached). The sample was taken from an outside faucet that is right after the pressure tank but before the filter/softner.

Looking at the results and seeing things like Uranium, Arsenic, Floride, Lithium, etc. I'm not sure if a whole house filter and softener are enough? We currently only drink bottled water but would like to be able to drink from our tap in the future. Will a RO system be fine for the levels we have? Anything specific look concerning in the report? Would love help on understanding what to look for in a new system/recomendations.

Please, ask me any relevant questions and I will answer them the best I can. Thank you for your insight and assistance in advance!


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