water test

  1. nbailey

    Help with understanding report and identify needs

    I am planning a renovation/addition to my house and part of that process will involve the plumbing. For years there has only been a whole house filter and a Whirlpool water softener, which has done fine at keeping stains out of the tub, but it has seen better days. I want to make sure I replace...
  2. Paul E.

    Water Testing - Sealing Toilet Flange in Slab

    Hey y'all. I have a brass toilet flange set into a concrete slab that I need to seal off in order to water test my drain lines. I have a 4" gripper plug in there at the moment, but it looks like the lead(?) lining isn't going to seal to the plug tight enough. What can I do to make this setup...
  3. Webdood90

    How to water test DWV?

    I have all of my vertical pipes capped except my laundry drain. I have a test plug that blocks the entire system from the existing drain. There are 2 vents, 1 that connects to an AAV and one that connects to an existing vent that exits the roof. I thought I could fill my system via the laundry...
  4. Mike_Pk

    Is Pelican salt softener good vs Fleck? + asking for advice

    Precondition: - I want salt water softener - I have a city water - 3 people in the household, looking for up to 48K grain item - 2 full bath, 1 half bath in house - live nearby Houston. Have not completed water test yet - looking for DIY solution, budget is up to $1200. - House is not...
  5. Jacob

    In over my head

    I was going to have a rough in inspection tomorrow on my remodel. I rearranged several bathroom and changed the drain line from cast iron to PVC where ever I could. For this reason I need to do a water test. I was planning on using the clean outs located outside the house to plug the drain with...
  6. bombcar

    Water filtering/softening first steps?

    It seems the first thing to do is get a test done on my city water (New Richmond, WI, small city, three municipal wells). After I have that I can start to determine what filters and softeners I should get, and in what order. Is that correct? What's a good water test? I assume the $5...
  7. GTOwagon

    Water Testing

    I know there have been a few links to water test companies and the one that is most popular with folks is suspended now due to a merger. Has anyone utilized this one? I know they want to sell you their products but I don't see how that is related as they claim to have an independent lab doing...
  8. onelilypad

    Prepping DWV for Inspection

    We are up for a water test inspection of our addition. Since the entire 180 sq foot addition is a DIY, I want to confirm a few things (after spending hours on this forum!) before we jump into this: All of our underground plumbing is located within our slab foundation. Because of this, no test...
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