1. Cyahr

    Filter for sprinkler system

    I have the problem of my sprinkler heads getting clogged up with a reddish/orange sediment that looks like sand. I’m assuming it’s iron/rust. My question is, I have a old pool filter on the side of my house. The exact model is the Hayward C900. Would that work for filtering the water going...
  2. pilotdog68

    Water pressure at 80-85psi, do I need a PRV?

    My water softener got fried (because of a dumb mistake) and before putting in a new one I decided to install a whole house filter and bypass loop to tame the chlorine. Part of that loop includes some pressure gauges and I found that our pressure is pretty steadily 80-85psi on city water. I...
  3. J.A.R.V.I.S.

    Water Softener & Iron Filter Drain Lines - To Sump or Septic?

    The systems will be installed in a "closet" with the pressure tank. There are no floor drains nearby but the sump pit is about 15' away. There's also a bathroom directly overhead on the floor above. I searched here and the advice seems 50/50. It could be good or bad for the septic system, and...
  4. Medwar

    Beat the drought! Pumping & filtering a seeping spring

    The drought is upon us here in the west, and I'm finally getting around to tapping a seeping (~ 1 gpm) spring in a seasonal creek on our property. Goal is to pump the water about 30 ft. vertically, and 80 ft. linearly to a ~500 gallon holding tank. Its unclear what our rights are to the water...
  5. davearonson

    Washing machine hose length?

    Our washing machine has a hose that comes out the bottom back, goes over to the sink, drapes into the sink, and is then long enough that the filter on the end (like a mesh sock) is laying down in the sink and getting moldy. We're thinking of cutting it short so that the filter dangles like it...
  6. nasonjo

    Water Pressure Issues due to tank

    I have been having water fluctuating water pressure issues for the past 1.5 years. I have a water softener and another filter for Iron, Manganese, and Sulfide that was installed in 2014 (before I owned the house). I finally had a plumber come out and we actually worked through the issue step by...
  7. crabby_old_dude

    Under counter water filter in basement

    Hello All, I bought an under counter sediment filter to feed the fridge, where we get all our drinking water from. I was going to initially going to put the filter in a cabinet next to the fridge, but it's a bit big and don't want to waste the space. I'm toying with the possibility of...
  8. Dave25

    Help with RO water installation?

    Hello there I just purchased an RO water filtration system for my kitchen sink. I think I have the whole thing figured out but I'm having trouble trying to connect a drain line because I live in an apartment and I would prefer to not drill a hole in the main drain pipe. Here's a photo...
  9. Terry

    Feeling stupid, my tankless water heater turns cold when I'm in the shower

    Tankless water heaters are fairly new to us, and we're just starting to find out the funny little tricks they play on us. The favorite one is water turning cold while in the shower. That like never happens with a standard vented tank water heater. The tankless is different though. For starters...
  10. bombcar

    Water filtering/softening first steps?

    It seems the first thing to do is get a test done on my city water (New Richmond, WI, small city, three municipal wells). After I have that I can start to determine what filters and softeners I should get, and in what order. Is that correct? What's a good water test? I assume the $5...
  11. Drake Alas

    EMKA Fresh LLC - direct distributors of Goulds, Hydranautics, and Watts

    Hello everyone on Terrylove, I am here to advertise the company EMKA Fresh LLC. We are direct distributors for the companies Goulds, Hydranautics, Watts, and are reaching out to other companies as well. We offer any item on the catalogs for these companies at a relatively cheap price! So if...
  12. NovicePete

    Sediment in faucet screens and shower head

    We have had an a build up of sediment in our faucets and shower head for the better part of a year. We can also see the sediment whenever the bath faucet is run for more than a few minutes. I have flushed the hot water heater and had the City come out to flush the water line. This seemed to help...
  13. Ronaldo38

    RO Filter Drain

    My water softener is in the basement directly under our kitchen. As you know Reverse Osmosis water filters waste about 3 to 4 gallons of water for each gallon they make. So, is there any reason I cannot drain that "waste" water into my water softener tank? That "waste" water is actually...
  14. RainJet

    Inline water filter for coffee maker clogged, leaking carbon out inlet

    Hi folks I need your help please, I have a commercial Curtis d60gt coffee machine that is connected to residential 1/2" water line using a reducing angle stop to a 1/4" copper line, before it goes into the coffee machine the water passes through a inline filter, a Everpure EV9100-06 IN-10...
  15. MDK8998

    Choosing New Home softening/filter system

    We have a Culligan Super S that was installed when we bought the home. We had replaced the tank but it is time for that again. In addition, the backflush /purex part of the system is NOT working right. It pulls the entire bottle in one regen, and leaves the whole system smelling horrid. We are...
  16. herzogzwei

    Fleck 5600sxt quit softening after sediment filter change

    I have a fleck 5600sxt that has worked great for the last 6 months. I changed my sediment filter (installed before the softener) and instantly the water is no longer soft. Could I have created some kind of vapor lock that is preventing the water from going through the filter?
  17. Andre01

    HELP NEEDED! Update whole-house water filtration system (well water)

    Hi, I need help updating my system. Here is a summary of my well water: PH: 8.5 Hardness 183 ppm (about 11) Phosphate 2260 ppb Iron: 0 Alkalinity: 349 Sulpher smell (rotten egg) Tannin 0.6 cyanuric acid 2 ppm TDS 460 I currently have 2 - 120 gallon holding tanks with a chlorinator to get rid...
  18. Matt Schell

    When to change water filter.

    Hey Folks, Just thought I would pass this find along. I've been using simple calendar changeouts for water filters as well as using two standard pressure gauges for a while. This company makes some interesting filter status indicators that use differential pressure and seem to be a great...
  19. Teoti Kalki Nathaniel

    Water Filter Design

    I'm a long time lurker here (I've been ghosting this forum for most of a decade) but this is my first time posting. What I am seeking is the opinion of people who know these things better than I do. I have enough experience plumbing to competently install a bathroom but this project is an...
  20. dpw-ct

    Clogged washer inlet

    I have an LG washer an get an IE code quite often, which requires that I clean the cold side inlet screen, which is difficult to get to. We have private well water, and mostly run the washer using cold water. Any good solution for this? inline filter perhaps By the way I have separate PEX...
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