Help with sprinkler pump and main line for irrigation

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    Sep 3, 2006
    Hi everyone. I entrusted one of the most recommended irrigation spe******ts in my area to install a complete system which would use the river behind my house as a water source. He installed a 1.5 FloTec centrifugal pump that sits 4ft above the water table and uses 1.25 " pipe in the inlet (pump made for 2.5" inlet) and 1" pipe at the discharge side (pump is made for 2"). The main line is 1" throughout 3/4 acre property with 6 zones and 5 large Rainbird sprinklers RB5000 at the biggest zone. The zone farthest from the pump is not getting enough water (or pressure??) and contractor tells me wrong pump...has to be replaced. I originally purchased pump on my own and he OK'd it....any opinions as to the setup or how to handle this situation? I am stressed out of my body for the last couple of days. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any help on this. He's installed a pressurized 20Gal tank with pres.switch and I've read that this is incompatible with centrifugal pumps (will cause damage from on/off cycling)

    He said there would be no additions to my estimate and now wants additional $1000.00 for the new pump. There's 20ft total elevation difference and biggest zone needs about 15 GPM at 400feet from pump.

    How do I handle this? The contractor hasn't been paid and coming in 2 days with his newly ordered 2HP Goulds pump.

    Thank you for reading and I appreciate any help on this.
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