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  1. Cryptic Reaper

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    Nov 15, 2018
    So I am having a new house built in southern Indiana. It will be serviced with public water. Like most residential areas, the water is hard. I am looking for a good, reliable water softener solution without breaking the bank. I'm already shelling out a lot of money on this house and gone over budget on just about all of my selections. In the one tank solutions, I am considering the Morton MHY. It offers demand regeneration and treats 27k hardness. And it has a built-in, self-cleaning water filter. On paper, this sounds pretty good. But I am also considering the Fleck 5600SXT. I have noticed this is pretty popular in all the rankings I have looked at. Of course others based on the Clack valve are rated well too, sometimes better yet. But those have limited distributors and tend to be quite a bit more expensive due to regulated sale channels. Don't they all accomplish the same thing, softening water? What makes one better than the other? Is the filtering feature worth looking into the Morton?
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    Are all cars the same? There are Yugos (big box store, lowest bidder wins units) then there are higher end units. Just because it has a Fleck 5600 valve does not mean its a good unit. most of the online resellers use the cheapest components they can source and stick a good valve on top, this is one of many reasons so many companies have disallowed their valves being sold online. Putting a Toyota body on top of the cheapest pile of garbage chassis, engine, tranny etc does not make it a Toyota. It may look like a good car, until you hit 5000 miles and the thing falls apart. All of the buzz words, self cleaning filter, counter current regen, timed refill, etc all all marketing terms. I personally recommend the super duper neato system.

    Their are a few (only a few) reputable online dealers, most are doing nothing more than racing to the bottom. Sourcing every component from the lowest bidder in China for every part other than the valve. many companies now source the valve from China and they are nothing more than counterfeit valves that look nearly identical to the Fleck or Clack products. We do not support nor condone this business practice.
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  4. dangros

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    Nov 28, 2013
    reston, va
    With that in mind, what are some of those dealers? I'm in the mkt for a softener and carbon filter but have no idea where to begin.
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  5. Fullbeerd

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    Jan 10, 2019
    I'm in your boat. Curious if you are any farther in your quest. Have you found any decent online dealers?
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