Help! My Sterling shower leaks!

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    Dec 17, 2012
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    My house has a shower with a two handle Sterling, and it leaks cold water out of the faucet. I replaced both hot and cold stems ( figured I'd do both sides while I was at it), and now it leaks worse! I replaced the whole stem, plastic parts, o rings, everything, and the cold side still leaks out of the faucet. I swapped all hardware from cold side to hot, and the cold side still leaks, so it is making me think it has to do with the pipes in the wall, not the parts I replaced. Looks like there is a forging seam in the pipe in the wall, where the water goes from the valve to the faucet, that might be ever so slightly cracking, but I am not sure. I placed a small amount of JB Weld in it, and it seemed to slow the leak ever so slowly, but it is still leaking worse than before I replaced it! Not sure what to do next, I have no access to the rear of the shower (yet), and I am trying to avoid cutting an access panel into my bedroom wall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just to clarify, what appears to be a crack is on the inside of the pipe, nothing is leaking outside of the pipe, just out of the faucet into the tub. All pipes and connections are tight and dry.

    Randy the electronic engineering student who is not a plumber in the least :)
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