Help me to verify my plumbing design using UPC (Amended by City of Seattle)

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    Aug 9, 2017

    I am a junior plumbing designer and doing plumbing design on my own for the first time. Here in my locality I couldn't able to find someone who can help me verifying my design so I thought this forum can be a good place to discuss with.

    This is a 111 room apartment building. Below are the design data
    Total WSFU: 1062
    Total HWFU: 588
    Design Pressure: 60PSI
    Water Meter (Size) 3 inch
    Water Meter (Pressure Loss) 10 psi
    Total Supply Demand 215 gpm
    Min. Residual Pressure (at furthest point) 8 psi
    Total Elevation 74 feet
    Static Pressure 31.82 psi
    Available Pressure 10.18 psi
    Developed Length 203 feet
    Avg Permissible Frictional loss per 100ft 5.01 psi
    Dia of Building Supply 3 inch
    Velocity 10 ft/sec

    Can you please tell me that whether I did it correctly or you feel some changes. Please feel free to ask for the other data if required.
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