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    Jul 14, 2014
    I'm currently in the middle of a DIY complete bathroom remodel where I tore everything out, added some electrical fixtures, moved some plumbing supply lines and replaced the bathtub/shower. I'm starting to put everything back together and my first step was the tub/shower surround. I installed a plastic vapor barrier, then started putting up the Hardibacker cement board on top. One of the sheets cracked in the corner when I put in a screw (I put it too close to the corner). I moved a little away and put in another screw which did not crack. I left the screw in where it cracked.

    Is that all OK or is there more I need to do? I really don't want to have to put in a whole new panel (about 3.5' × 5').

    Thanks for the help.
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    Make sure you use and cover that area with the alkali resistant mesh tape that should go over all seams, and embed it with thinset. Ideally, you'd replace the sheet. I'm assuming that most of the crack is supported by the stud behind - with the addition of the tape and the thinset, then the tile over top, it should be okay. You could call James Hardie to see what they suggest.
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    You should have solid blocking all around the perimeter of your backer board sheets. If a chunk cracks then you should remove that piece. If you have blocking then you could re set that little scrap with a touch of thin-set when you tape the seams.

    Taping seems of concrete board

    HardiBacker is a step up from Durock in my books. Durock the worst choice in cement backer boards I have seen and worked with.

    For me my money is on WonderBoard Lite as a backer board. It cracks less. Is less dense and dry. Accepts thin-set well.
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