Happy Palm Sunday!

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  1. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Oct 7, 2005
    Hello, Happy Palm Sunday!

    I am so assertive anymore! I am surprising myself. It feels so GOOD, not to let anyone, anyone at all, misuse you.

    This might sound silly, what happened this morning, but, I don't care... this particular girl was out of line.

    I was at Kuhn's this morning. That is a supermarket. When I walked in the lobby there was this nice man selling poppies, he was a vet. Well, I love my vets... so, I bought 2 poppies. We talked for a while, and I loved him. Infact, come to think of it, he had said, " oh, don't spend all your money on me here, those prices have gone up in there!" Remember this for later here...

    I head inside and buy my stuff, and stopped by the bakery to get him, a little gift. A Bunny Rabbit cookie...

    So, this young girl was working the counter.

    I said, " one rabbit cookie, please, in a small box." She flashed me this look that spoke volumes. So, I added, " sorry to ruin your day."

    It was a clear plastic container, small, that was great, I said, " that is good, thank you..." then, saw the big sticker for the price coming... I said, " oh, no, just put the sticker on the side, okay?" what does she do, she glares at me, and slaps it on the top... now, you couldn't see the bunny rabbit cookie. So, I said while trying to peel it off, and it left a big white splotch... " look, I don't think you understood, can I have another container and don't cover the top of it, put the sticker on the side." Now, another customer had rolled up. The young girl takes the cookie back, glaring at me, and did something then, she hands it back to me.

    There lo and behold is that big white sticker on the top, now stuck to a big piece of tissue paper... I looked at this thing...

    Now, she started to wait on the other lady. I walked back up, handing her the cookie, saying, " look, you are not getting the gist of this...."

    She then glared the biggest yet of all, saying, " I am waiting on someone else!" I said, " NO, I AM HERE FIRST, I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS! YOU ARE NOT DOING WHAT I AM ASKING!" She then, said, " I AM DOING WHAT I AM TOLD TO DO!!!" and then, she APOLOGIZES TO THAT LADY BEHIND ME!!

    I walk away hearing her say that to her, I turn around to see her glaring at me, giving me a dirty look....

    I told her, it was for the nice little man outside in the lobby selling poppies, and just to leave the top so he can see the cookie...

    ...not the price.

    Well, I left.

    To make matters worse... When, I get up to the counter to pay for my groceries, guess what? I was doing bills last night and left my debit card and check book on my desk! I had 4 quarters, LOL...

    JUST ENOUGH to pay for the COOKIE...I wanted to die.

    I am rummaging through my purse when who strolls up... the lady, the customer, behind me at the cookie counter...


    So, I paid for the cookie with the 4 quarters. Told them I will return. Fat chance of that!

    I went out to the lobby, looked at this nice little old man, and gave him his bunny rabbit cookie. :)

    This could only be but true, too true. Very true. Unfortunately, true.
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  2. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Aug 17, 2004
    Bothell, Washington
    What good is a clear viewing window if it's covered over I have to ask.
    So it's the policy of the store to cover up the viewing window? Something is just wrong with that. It makes you wonder if there is a cover up policy there too.
    Clear window, quick! Put a sticker on it. They might change their mind on the purchase if they keep looking at the bunny while they are shopping.
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  4. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Oct 7, 2005
    ha ha ha, well, Terry, when I had taken the bunny rabbit cookie out to him, he was looking for my cart, lol, I was hoping he wouldn't ask... instead, he said, " oh I hope this wasn't too much trouble" and, in the car, bagless, moneyless, I laughed and laughed at how silly that was, but, I am on this thing now, new thing, lol... I want to be more assertive. :) He did tell me, he was going to have a milk this afternoon and will have his cookie with it. That was nice... and, yes, what good is a clear plastic container if you can't see in it?
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