Halogen to LED.. Halogen started smoking

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    Mar 22, 2014
    British Columbia

    Converted our halogen Puck lights under the cabinets to new led ones and I am experiencing a few problems. There are a total of 12 pucks lights and yesterday I received 5 in the mail. On one switch there are between 3-5 lights. This is where it gets weird...I first changed out the three on the switch and they wouldnt turn on all together.. If there is 1 led puck and 2 of the original halogen installed on the circuit they all work.. 2 leds 1 halogen all work.. BUT I just noticed that when the 2 leds were on the single halogen started to smoke.. I am guessing that I am overloading the transformer..

    We moved into this house 6 months ago after the previous owner renovated it so we have no idea where the 120v to 12v transformer is. I would change it IF I could find it. Is there anyway I could find the transformer behind the walls without ripping them apart?

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