Gas water heater bonding

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    That would be refreshing.
    Because the metal pipe was removed, there is no longer the need for the jumper to cure the RFI that was the reason this particular jumper was placed. The fact that it can prevent some water heater corrosion was lost on me at the time the jumper was placed, but those currents also got removed when the jumper was placed. However with the CPVC, those currents still not occur, so that problem was taken care of too.
    What is this "landing" word? (seriously) What is this "bonding" word? Is a metal strap holding up a metal pipe "bonded" What if that strap holds up two metal pipe... OH Ohhh... Gotta run a wire from that strap to a "landing"? (semi-seriously) Sheesh. Is your bonded connection ever thermite welded (not seriously), as it is often actually is in modern communication tower work? :)
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    To land a conductor is to terminate that conductor, slang talk of my area of the country. From the meter base to the rod, one end lands in the meter pan and the other end lands on the rod.

    Over the years I have done much exothermic welding. I have welded to building steel, rebar, black pipe, rods, and to other conductors. The first thing one learns is to keep the mold clean or one will be doing the same joint, another slang word for termination, many times over, well maybe gloves is the first lesson and the mold is the second. Somewhere along the line one learns to preheat the mold and to look the other way when striking the arc.

    I have worked many a day from the break of dawn to the twilight of dusk dark doing nothing but exothermic welding in a five foot, plus, deep trench that is barley 18 inches wide with the shoring in place.

    All this reminiscing I am drifting back to my school boy days and the days when I had to walk to and from school, barefoot, in the snow, and yes it was up hill both ways. I would get out of bed every morning and empty the chamber pot, take it to the creek and fill it with water that I used to clean the cow before I milked her in that pot. Take it back to the house and strain it into a wide mouth gar then back to the creek for a pot of coffee water. The first few times I washed out that old chamber pot up stream of the coffee water but I learned, downstream is better, strange how a lot of life’s lessons are learned through experience.
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    And I thought the guys on site had stories to tell. Sheeesh. LOL
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    Barefoot in the snow? Chamber pot? Say what?

    What year were you born and didn't they have shoes in North Carolina then?

    I am 66.....Lived in a cold water flat as a kid.....third floor.....We had a bathroom....running was cold unless we ran the nat gas hot water heater in the basement that was totally manual.....light it and be sure to shut it off once the water got hot or the pipes would bang and steam came out of the faucets. Bath night was Saturday....Coal furnace....steam heat.....radiators...

    I always had shoes.....New Jersey even had electric lights.....

    My father worked for one of Thomas A Edison's companies his entire life....he even saw Edison at the plant once. My father was a teenager or maybe 20.....Edison was close to the end of his life....
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    Well, being a mere 53, we had it easy. Funny thing is that is was downhill both ways from the School bus! No cows to milk, just a few dozen ducks to feed so they stayed fat and couldn't fly away.

    My Dad says that when he was little, they had running water, but in the summer they usually walked...
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