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    I am installing a standby generator (Generac 20KW) to NG. My run is about 10 feet along a stone wall from the gas meter and then about 2.5 feet out to the gen. This will be 1" pipe just above ground level. In no case will it be buried but it will be exposed.

    Two questions come up. One is the use of black iron vs. galvanized. I know all the opinions etc. and most of the problems with galvanized date well back into the 20th century probably when manufactured gas was being used and the galvanizing was poor quality. My question is which one would be better to use in this situation. I would be painting either one. I have investigated the National Fuel Gas Code 2012 and it states either pipe is acceptable. My local utility uses galvanized outside from the meter for the first 5 feet into the premises. Also other "professional" installations I have seen in the area have used both. I want to use whatever would last longer and give me the least trouble.

    The second question is drip legs. I have always used them but all of my installations have been indoors. There could be an argument to not use one outdoors in an area that freezes but it seems every installation I have seen uses one. This freezing issue would apply to most of the US with the exception of a few states but it still seems to be widely used. I suspect the drip leg period is also a very dated requirement back when gas could have dirt and water in it. I think that is rarely if ever the case now. Even so I would rather use one and I wonder if a burst drip leg due to freezing of water that will probably never be in there would ever be a problem?
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