Flowing Artesian Well Overflow

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  1. lcbannon

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    Jun 1, 2008
    We hit water, but maybe too much. Well is 55' deep with a 1/2 horse submersible, hooked to a 20 gal pressure tank in cabin. We found that it overflows out of well cap unless we leave the outside faucet open ( and power off) and then it comes out the hose at a rate of 1 pint every 15 seconds. Questions are- do we dig down and put a bib about 1-2 feet down and run it out and let it flow on ground? (area can flood) also worried about this freezing this winter- We are in Kansas.

    Not too interested in making a real pond, property already has a creek, pond and watershed.

    We are looking for some other suggestions here. It was perfectly clear till this last big rain and now it is very very dirty, Unsure whether that is because dirt around well had washed away while overflowing and is now running down outside of well casing or because creek and water table was stirred up by flooding.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    The thing to do is put a gauge on the well so that you can measure that actual pressure the water is producing. If it's only a few pounds, you can raise the casing high enough to keep it from flowing. The formula for that is for every pound, you would have to raise the casing .433 feet. If that don't work, and your in a freezing climate, you may want to put the casing underground in a pit and use a good Well Seal to stop the flow. If the pressure isn't too great and you are sure your casing is driven in tightly or grouted properly, there should not be a problem.

    One word of caution. If this well was drilled poorly and water could be forced up along the casing once you shut off the flow, you could end up with a mess of great proportions. You don't want the water to start coming up along the casing washing a larger hole which can increase the flow which will enlarge the hole even more and the beat goes on.

    I know of a few occurrances like that and it was very costly to stop the flow.

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  4. lcbannon

    lcbannon New Member

    Jun 1, 2008
    Would not say drilled poorly but I do not think it was grouted etc, Here the common method is to case and fill with gravel around it. We actually don't have a lot of Artesians in this area so no one local is sure what to do with it. Casing is currently about 2 foot above ground. Given your info looks like if we put a bib and pipe lower in the ground our flow will increase. Thanks for the help..
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