Fleck 9100SXT No Brine Draw Unusual Problem

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I have a 9100SXT that has been working previously, then suddenly stopped working. Standard troubleshooting revealed no brine draw.
Completed all standard repair process's in this order:
- Drain line clean.
- Brine line clean
- Float and air check valve removed and checked
- Remove and inspect brine injector block, nozzles, and screens.
- Replace brine injector valve only
- Replace top and bottom valve and seals
- Replace the drain line and move to a new location as an attempt to increase flow rate.
- Verified that the sequence on the digital display matches the mechanical position indicator
- Verified that the gears are not loose and sloppy during motion.
- Replace entire brine injector body AND injector valve (again)
- Spray entire unit down with soap in an attempt to find any air leaks. (none found)
- Removed the microswitches, cleaned the contacts, and reinstalled. (found this repair in this forum ... thx for that)

At this point I have tried every repair mentioned anywhere in this and other forums.
And It still refills the brine tank during brine draw.

This means:
- There are 3 ports to a venturi valve: The pressure inlet, the pressure outlet, and the vacuum inlet.
(The difference between the pressure inlet and outlet is the amount of vacuum draw)
- To push water out the vacuum inlet means that the outlet pressure is higher than the inlet pressure
- How is that still possible after all the valve replacements plus the relocation and replacement of the drain line?

I hope that someone is kind enough to let me know what to try next.
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