Finding trim that can work for my old Universal Rundle valve!

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I did identify the single handle valve in our old shower, thanks in part to this website. It is this one: Universal Rundle* Pressure Balance Cartridge Part No. 19890PBX. It was made by Jerich for Universal Rundle and it looks like it was sold for institutions as the Powers Biltmore line. My Universal Rundle valve is offiically Series 5600/5700.

The trim is already wonky, with a chrome handle and an older than that brass escutcheon plate. I was hoping to switch to brushed nickel (or better yet, a stainless steel look). Now I am realizing I may not find anything other than chrome unless I find a way to change out the valve, which I would rather not have to have a plumber do for me.

I would use vintage stock happily since it's a midcentury house with quirks, but I don't know how to find vintage shower and tub trim that fits this valve. The only trim I can find at all that fits in the Powers Biltmore trim, and I'm not a huge fan :/.

I am wondering, can a universal trim be used here? Can I squeak by with another brand's single handle trim? I noticed the brass plate someone had put in was only making contact with one screw hole, the other screw was just floating in there to make things look pretty. So maybe it was jerry rigged? Anyone have a suggestion?

Thank you!! I have two small kids and I'm worn out so too tired to upload a picture of the setup, may do that tomorrow if needed.
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