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    Apr 19, 2012
    I will soon have a free supply of electricity dutring the day (24- 400watt solar panels) after my solar system goes in laster this summer.i"m planning on a small hot tub to take some of this extra daylite power but at night its back to grid power so I thought having a smaller electric water heater which can also take the free day lite power would help buy using that hot water in the evenings for the hot tub.This whole install is aways from house so it will be a stand alone deal
    Any suggestions on super insulated electric water brands? I'm on the west coast and rheem is a big brand out here.Any thoughts on other brands?I'm thinking a 30-50 gallon unit to dump hot water into an already warm hot tub.
    I already have a natural 40 gal gas water heater in house on a solar water heated 2 panel roof assist system running into a 80 gallon water tank that feeds the gas water heater.I put tghis in in the 80s and its working well still.
    My solar electric system will have some extra power during daylite hours for this use.I need to use the power or loose it.
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