Drop-in Jacuzzi situation

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  1. DMS222

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    May 2, 2006
    I have another question. I love my new house. The floor plan is great. I have the top floor bedroom and bath and the kids have the ground floor bedrooms and bath. And the main floor, with the kitchen, living & dining rooms, is between us. It's wonderful--I can go hours without even seeing them (they're teens, so you can understand my sentiments here).

    But, in my upstairs bathroom, I have a drop-in jacuzzi unit. It is 5' long and installed against a wall that is over 7 feet long.

    The previous owner installed it. The jacuzzi itself is nice, but inconveniently set up because it sits in a sort of "bench" that runs the entire length of the wall and sits about 4 inches out from the back wall. It also extends about 4 inches up from the bench, creating a sort of 4-5 inch deep "gutter" along the back wall.

    The end with the faucet is against the wall, but the faucet is a wall faucet and it barely extends over the rim of the jacuzzi, so when you try to fill the tub, water goes running over that end and down onto the floor. So, you have to pack it with rolled up towels.

    Also , the other end of the tub is open--no wall.

    It also has a shower, which means that the unit needs one of those circular shower curtain set-ups or water will run down the back wall, into the gutter (instead of into the tub) and out onto the "bench" and flood the floor.

    I hate having to hang three shower curtains. I hate having to take showers with those curtains all around me on all sides and having to be oh-so-careful in the shower that a gop does not happen in the curtains and cause a water mess to clean up. Also, the curtains cut down on the space for movement within the shower.

    Also, even when you do use the jacuzzi, you have to leave those dang shower curtains hanging down into the tub and sit, leaning up against them (which feels icky) or you end up with a water mess all over the bench and floor.

    I also hate that the previous owners of the house used that cheap plastic coated cardboard that "looks like" tile to finish the walls and bench. No matter how careful I am, there is already discoloration from water damage at the seams.

    Looking at it, it seems to me that my only options are:

    1. build the back wall out to fill in the gutter and have a wall built at the left end of the tub, finish with ceramic tile. This would mean that if the jacuzzi would need replacing one day, all that would have to be torn out to do it.

    2. totally replace the jacuzzi with a new bathtub, and have ceramic tile and shower doors installed. I would love another jacuzzi, but they cost so dang much, and one of the reasons I bought this house was because the thought of having a hacuzzi was so luxurious. But, if I do this, I will have to replace with a standard tub to save on expense.

    I just so not understand why anyone would spend the kind of money to finish off the top floor, adding a jacuzzi, and do it so stupidly and finish the job so far on the cheap with that platic tileboard--UGH!!

    So, does anyone have any other options, things I'm missing?
  2. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona

    Not without being there to see the entire setup. But usually that "gutter" is installed because the tub is higher than a window in the wall, so the do that rather than raise the window.
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    Sep 2, 2004
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  5. DMS222

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    May 2, 2006
    There is no window on the back wall of the jacuzzi. Just that cheap plastic coated cardboard. The window is on the other side of the room.
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