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    I have an 8 zone system: 6 lawn zones (rotor heads) and 2 garden bed zones along the house (spray heads). I am making flower beds along all of my fence line around the property which will be several hundred feet of flower beds when it is all done. It might be done in stages over the next couple of summers but eventually I would like to have all of the border flower beds have their own zones. I figured I would add 4 more zones with spray heads. I have always heard that drip irrigation was not too reliable and was more headaches than it was worth. I had been planning on using spray heads for the flower beds but I read that the drip irrigation has become a lot better in recent years. If I decide to use drip irrigation what is the layout like? The spray heads are spaced according to their spray distance. How do I plan the drip zones? I don't know too much about it but from what I've seen online there are lots of options. I could run the 1" poly pipe in all of the new garden beds and use the taps to bring the drip line to each plant. Or I could run the 1" line to the edge of the bed and lay long runs of the smaller line (1/4" or 1/2" size). How much of this smaller line can I run? Can I run a continuous drip line say 100+ feet or would there be too much loss of pressure and volume?
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    Depending on what type of plantings you are going to have a 1/2'' line with built in emitters may be your best bet. NETAFIM has a selection with emitters at 12,18 and 24 inches with assorted flow rates and if layed out in a loop distance is not a problem.
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