Does this make sense?

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    What seer do I have now?
    Gas furnace. Had to replace ac unit last year. Went with a A coil new lines for 410a and then outdoor unit a heat pump. To just run in ac mode for now. Was not that much more for the option to later switch to a heat pump. Not interested in dual fuel for now. A Rheem 2 ton classic series 13 seer
    Anyway was not cooling good. Had another guy look at it that seems to know his stuff. Said the first guy did not do a good job with installation no filter/dryer.
    First Freon but said the pressures did not look right, but lets see what happens.
    Next came TXV valve was clogged and he replaced. 24 hours later same problem. New guy said there was still junk in the line and TXV was harder to work on. So they did something and deleted or bypassed the TXV and put in a piston valve? And at the same time finally added a filter/dryer.
    Said it would only lower the efficiency.
    What do you think?

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