Does the Toto Drake have the same water spot as the Gwyneth? What are the differences

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by staceyneil, Jul 3, 2010.

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    I'm confused. Is there a difference in performance between these two -other than water savings? I like the looks of the Gwyneth (CST454CEFG) better. On Terry's store his Drake model seems to be different than what I can find offered in most places, which is the Eco Drake. I do see the regular Drake (cst744sg) some places... I see it's 1.6 gal rather than 1.28. Will I get better bowl washing action with that one???

    Can anyone comment on performance? I'm particularly concerned about "skid marks" since they are a big problem with our Toto Aquia III.

  2. Redwood

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    If you look here at TotoUSA you will see that there are many models of Drake, Eco-Drake and Drake II toilets to pick from.
    Some of the confusion comes from the fact that Toto re did a lot of the names recently so pages may not have been updated. The Gwyneth is now the Drake II.

    Sanagloss does not prevent skid marks but, it does make them more likely to rinse away when flushing.

    Skid marks are a problem that is affecting many low flow toilets.
    There is now a toilet that flushes with only 0.8 gallon of water. I can only guess the skid marks with that.

    I hope that helps,
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  4. SteveW

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    Toto makes it confusing when they change the name of toilets. At one time, the Gwyneth got changed to the Ultramax II - which is what I have in my house. Mine are 1.28 gal and flush fine, and have good bowl wash.

    In any event, any of their toilets with the double cyclone bowl wash will work better (in my opinion) at preventing skid marks, and combine that with Sanagloss and you do stack the deck in your favor.
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