Do the Kohler Katalyst showerheads really work?

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    Jul 5, 2013
    Are there any plumbers out there who can comment on the following? Kohler is advertising their new "Katalyst" shower heads "with a spigot that actually increases water pressure. The shower head infuses water with 2 liters of air per minute to create a more powerful flow." We have a well that produces 5 gpm and we get less than that at our faucets. Will this faucet actually provide a stronger feeling shower head flow for wells such as ours?
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    FWIW, the actual flow rate of the well is somewhat immaterial, as you're drawing water from the pressure tank, which needs to be sized according to your expected use knowing the recovery rate. All new showerheads sold must use 2.5gpm or less. Your pipe sizing and distribution system should easily allow for that. There are other showerheads available that infuse air into the stream. Not having used Kohler's, I can't say whether you'll like it or not. They do produce what feels like a stronger jet than a more typical showerhead, but I, personally (on the others I've used) wasn't impressed. WHat settings do you have on your current pump? You might try getting a new switch and bumping the pressure up if the pump can handle it; say 60/40 or so?
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