Grohe Shower Flow Handle - 'Clicking' stop point in wrong position?

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Hi, we have just had a Grohe Vitalio Joy 260 shower installed and it seems the flow handle is set up incorrectly. Basically in the 'off' position, the handle only produces a very soft 'bump' and it's very difficult to set, often with water continuing to drop from the rain head (literally 1 mm too much and it's starts dripping).

I would expect the handle to 'click' and lock at the exact zero point, requiring us to actively engage the handle button to either begin the rain head flow (clockwise) or smaller shower head (anti clockwise).

However the locking click occurs after the rain head flow has already begun (approx 1/8th of a turn clockwise after the actual off point). At this point we have to engage the button to continue turning, which seems pointless, why would it click and lock there? I rang Grohe and I don't think the support guy really understood the issue and claimed it was 'as designed', but the manual seems to suggest otherwise.

I assume the stop ring inside the handle has not been set correctly before it was assembled in the factory (our plummer says he didn't go anywhere near it when installing). I'm not a plumber but from looking at the parts photos it seems like it might be something quite easy to fix. Can anyone confirm that my assumption is correct and the handle should be fully 'locking' in the off position, hence requiring the handle button to be pressed in to start flow?

This is the stop ring:

If I open up the handle can I just turn the stop ring until it's in a position that sets the correct zero flow point for the handle?

Thanks for any advice
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Do you have a model number of the shower valve installed? UK versions may be different than what most of us in the US are accustomed to. Its not a model I'm familiar with, but someone else may know offhand what is going on with it.

If it was newly installed, is your installer taking care of getting it working properly?
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