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  1. Tommasini53

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    Nov 1, 2012

    Do "L" shaped (90 degree) shower rods make for reliable shower design? Am I asking for a puddled up bathroom floor after every shower? I just don't see this idea carried out very often and that worries me.

    I'm seeking input on a bathroom remodel idea. I have a small bathroom, part of it has a sloping ceiling. This room used to be a closet.

    The shower is in a corner and will be about 33"x33" or so.

    I would like to use an"L" shaped shower-rod, thus having a shower curtain on two sides of the shower. The floor and walls around the shower area will be tiled. I can build the shower curb plenty tall to contain the curtain and water.

    I'd like to avoid walling in the shower, I'd rather have the room wide open so it won't seem so small.

    Any experiences with this type of design (positive and negative) would be greatly appreciated!!

    I've found Signiture Hardware and they carry several high quality brands of L shaped and neo-angle shower rods, but I have not found much discussion on this design.

    Thanks in advance :) Adam
  2. Reed01

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    Apr 15, 2013
    New York
    It seems like a very small shower space. At this point it seems you may have to custom size the shower rod, especially if it's a slopped ceiling.
    You may try they may be able to help you with something custom.

    Shower Rods/
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