Dishwasher Drain Running Over Dishwasher

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  1. jjp

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    Apr 30, 2007
    When my dishwasher was hooked up by the cabinet installation crew, they ran the drain hose over top of the dishwasher and into the top of the sink cabinet. I've never seen a drain hose configuration like this, so I wanted to see if anyone thinks that this would be problematic.

    The drain exits my dishwasher on the bottom right side, goes straight up, and extends over the dishwasher, across a gap between the dishwasher and sink cabinet (my sink is installed in a corner at a 45 degree angle to my dishwasher), and then through a hole near the top of my sink cabinet. The installer did this to avoid having to use a drain hose extension.

    The standard installation instructions for my dishwasher can be found at:

    I haven't tested the dishwasher yet because my sink plumbing and countertops have not been finished yet. It does look like there is just enough room for the hose between the countertop and dishwasher. I just want to get a few opinions before the counter goes on because it would be easier to adjust now if necessary.
  2. Gary Swart

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    Sep 1, 2004
    Yakima WA
    There are two ways to connect a DW drain. Some areas require an air gap that is located on top of the counter. The drain line runs into the air gap then on to the sink drain. It sounds like your area does not require the air gap when means all that is required is that the drain line is looped above the DW before it goes into the drain. I have used this method for 35 years with no problems.
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