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    Sep 26, 2006
    Hi Im hooking up a dishwasher in a old house that didnt have a built in one installed. The DW will be installed 6ft from the garbage disp drain hookup, But in a separite cabinet. So i need to run the drain hose under the floor then back up throught the sink cabinet. The drain hose on the new dishwasher comes from the bottom of the DW and runs up to the top held by clips. Does it have to run up like this ? Because i need to go back down again under the floor then back up to the top of the sink counter top (High Drain Loop) then down to garbage disposal hook up, And the hose is only 10 ft total (3 ft wasted from the washer clipping to side running up to top). Any suggestions? Can i add on some hose? Can i just take hose from DW and go down immediately under floor then up for high drain loop?
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    You can extend the hose. If you don't have it going up as it does now clipped to the DW, it is likely to drain back through the length of hose - I think you'll have problems maintaining the proper water levels. Check with the manufacturer to see if they have a maximum length it can pump.

    When I had my kitchen remodeled, the plumber ran probably 10' of add-on hose.
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  4. abikerboy

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    Apr 22, 2006
    Just went through one like this. The installer ran small pvc pipe (3/4, I think) from the dishwasher, under the floor, and up again under the sink, with a rubber hose and "high loop" at the disposer. From what I understand, you either have to use a high loop, or an air gap because if you dont, your disposer will force gunky water back into your dishwasher.
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