Delta Roman Tub, What model number handle base ring do I need?

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  1. DEcosse

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    Aug 16, 2015
    Livermore, California
    I have an old (circa 1990) Roman Tub Filler set
    I'm in the process of updating the trim kit to Chrome
    I'm having the Spout Chrome-plated (impossible it seems to find replacement) an already have chrome H65 levers;
    I can have the handle base rings plated, but given the relatively expensive cost of plating vs new rings, would like to see if I can find the ones I need and just swap them out.
    The Original (see image) has an OD of 2.5" and an ID of 1.25" - I believe it is Delta.
    Also, original has 'flats' but don't really care if replacement does or not - as long as thread size is the same is primary requirement
    (I had thought might have been RP23094 but from other research appears that ID for that model is 1.325"?)

    Thank you for this great forum!

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    Dec 13, 2018
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  4. DEcosse

    DEcosse New Member

    Aug 16, 2015
    Livermore, California
    Thanks for your reply - much appreciated.
    However t's not a 27 series - it looks quite similar but there is significant difference in the design of the spout seal - on that one you linked, the o-ring seal is on the rough - on mine, the seal is on the spout itself and is male fit into the rough
    (in second image below 0-ring has been removed )

    From what I can gather the RP23094 is 2-5/8 OD and 1-3/8 ID - this faucet thread is definitely 1-1/4" ID and 2-1/2 OD
    The OD is immaterial but the ID would need to be correct of course - I'd be happy to stand corrected if the RP23094 really would fit - I'm measuring with caliper across the thread and it's definitely not 1-3/8


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