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Looking at buying a property with a 300' very old deep well with a jet pump. the pump looks to be brand new and owner says it will run all day but not pump water. She had a guy quote $9000 to fix the well. The outer casing looks to be 3"-4" metal casing, I didn't measure it when I was looking at it. Not sure of inner pipe size. I have limited experience working on my 60' shallow well jet pump. If I buy the property I would like to convert it to a submersible electric pump by pulling the inner casing out (Yee job I expect :( and then install the submersible pump along with a hand pump for when power goes out. I have had to pull a submersible pump on my Mom's place to repair a chaffed wire close to the pump end, and that seems alot better prospect if I need to get into it for repairs in the future. Am I on the right tract here? I expect the inner pipe is steel or galvanized and either the jet point is screwed and or some of the pipe at the bottom is corroded through. What are my options /your recommendations for adding the deep well hand pump? The little I read on them they can be $1000+! Is there an easier way to pull the inner pipe out of the well? Thanks in advance for the help.


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Check to start with hand pumps.

If you have a "single-pipe" deep-well jet pump, your casing is likely to be more like 2.5 inch OD. In that case, no submersible for you.

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