dainage/gutter/sump pump/rainbarrel?

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    Aug 2, 2013
    richmond bc canada
    Hi, I am new here and a "handymom". I have a gutter that does not lead into a drainpipe. The gutter downspout leads into a contained garden bed. When it rains alot the garden bed is extremely moist and saturated with water. I have a sidewalk on the otherside of the garden bed. I need a solution. I thought of a rainbarrel idea for that area however it is in the front of the house near the front door and the barrel would be an eyesore. Next maybe a sump pump. What do you think? I have been looking online for a complete kit that is not expensive. One with a basin, pump, hoses etc included. Am I better to buy all the parts separately? Should I run the outflow hose under the sidewalk leading to the sewer system? Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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