Cutting/Breaking up concrete basement floor

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    I'll be breaking up the concrete basement floor soon to install the shower trap and looking for the best blade to use on my circular saw. From what I've read, a diamond blade seems to be the best method for scoring the concrete a couple of inches and sledging the rest. Any advice on method, saw blade brand, wet vs. dry, etc.. I'm also considering renting?
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    Slab cutting

    Two factors to consider: Time & Mess

    My recommendation would be diamond blade and wet cut.

    diamond blade really does make light work of slab (depending on thickness)
    I cut 2" depth of 6ft x2 runs + 1ft width at each end.

    Wet cut will keep the dust down but will create muddy puddles.

    BE VERY CAREFUL OF USING HAMMER as this tends to obviously crack unwanted slab and may lead to more repair then intended

    Dry cutting wears the blade quicker due to friction and creates heaps of dust

    hope that helps
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    I use a Skil Saw with a diamond blade... I'd tell you a brand except it doesn't matter and the writing is worn off my blade...

    I just use a spray bottle with water it really doesn't take much water.

    Set the blade deep and cut.

    Then its Hammer time!
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