Corner bead on tile to drywall transition?

Discussion in 'Shower & Bathtub Forum & Blog' started by sting88, Jun 10, 2009.

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    I have an alcove tub surround. On the 90 degree outside edge where the tiled surface will meet the painted surface, how do I treat the joining of the drywall boards... someone told me corner bead will flare out the tile so don't use it... what would I use?

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    "J" channel on the drywall. It looks like a square bottomed J, and slips over the end of the drywall. Tape and mud around it to the cbu. If you are using a bullnose or quarter-round tile, you'll have a nice flat, square edge.
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    Depends on who you ask. I found this discussion on a drywall forum and the replies are pretty basic. I do not think a corner bead builds up the outside corner too much unless you are planning on using Mastic to set the shower tile. Since I think Mastic is a total crap product it's a non issue for me and my builds.

    A nice tile to drywall corner detail involves using a J-Bead. Then bringing the tile flush with it.

    I have shared my framing secrets and my detailed approach for this outside corner detail here:

    Tile to Drywall: A Nicer Looking Outside Corner


    Here you can see a close up of my buddies daughters shower wall that meets the outside corner. See how the J Bead is painted and the tile meets it close enough for a silicone bead. In this photo we have not grouted nor applied the silicone.
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