Common P trap to stubout alignment issue

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    Hi all,

    After having recently completely gutted and reno-ed one bathroom, we did another. The 2nd is nearly complete. During the 1st bath reno, I ran into a problem where the drain stub out was too low because of a 36" high vanity. The 2nd bath reno also has tall vanity tops, so I stubbed out the drain higher to compensate. The drain is stubed out 20 inches above finished floor. To my surprise, the stub out is now too high. I am hoping my problem can easily be solved by changing to a different P trap. If I slide the P trap as far up as it will go on the tailpeice, the horizontal (J arm) is just a hair too low to meet up with my stub out. It's about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch too low. It's too much difference to bend the ABS stub out. I am hoping that perhaps some P traps simply have a taller vertical section and that a simple change of P trap brand or type will suffice. Otherwise, the best route as far a I can tell is to cut the drywall behind the vanity (will be hidden), and move the stub out down. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    The safest thing is to have either the spec sheet or the actual parts in hand before making any plumbing changes...yes, hindsight is great!

    A pro may have better insight, but I think you'll have to move the fitting in the wall to make it fit.
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