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Zane Bridgers

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Hi Everyone -

Working on our plumbing top out and had a few questions come up.

First, we ran 1/2 AquaPEX in the slab to the kitchen and lav without planning for the added needs of the hose bibs in those areas. Retrospectively I would have run 3/4, but since it's in, will tapping the 1/2 cold supply for a sink + hose bib result in a code violation? We can live with the occasional loss of pressure, as the hoses will be for occasional use only.

Second, the plan was to install two shower heads. This is not yet plumbed, so still totally optional. Is there a code concern with running two shower heads from the same mixer? I understand the potential loss of pressure, so was planning to run 3/4 PEX for either hot, cold or both. It's a very short run (10') from the main water supply line/water heater. I read on here about using a thermostatic mixer and flow control valve. There is quite a cost difference there, so could be a deal breaker. Ideally, one shower head could be turned off when not needed.

Third, a bit more of a mechanical issue, and probably a no go, but can we drain our mini split condensate into the washer standpipe? I guess there are often local code issues with this since some combustion condensate has poisonous residue. We are on a septic and it's essentially distilled water, but don't want to raise any eyebrows if this puts us on sketchy footing.

Many thanks for all the invaluable help here on the forum! It's been a life saver!
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