Calcite in pipes - how to remove

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Have Culligan up flow neutralizer for 20 years no issue. Plumber installed whole house water softener. He saw the neutralizer was plumbed in with "in" towards well pressure tank. He switched it around. Next day we lose pressure cold, hot worked, day after lost hot and cold pressure no water. I took off drain valve between neutralizer and softener and it was clogged with I assume calcite seeing the flow in our house is Well pressure tank to neutralizer to softener to house. The installation company coming back tomorrow, I assume first they switch the neutralizer back to where it was "in" towards well. How much damage could be done with calcite in the water system, could it be localized to well, nautralizer, softner, or all house and hot water heater. Any idea what remedy they should use to correct. I did not think salt from softener or calcite from neutralizer went into the plumbing system to cause blockage. will calcite in pipes disolve, what I saw in the valve was 2/3rd blocked.
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