Branching off Water Heater for a Tub

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Can anyone explain how best to use this water heater so that I can have heated water plumbed to a tub for our dog? I am a newbie and may end up seeking professional help, but wanted to see if this is something I can do myself.

The tub is about 7 feet from the water heater. We have two water heaters in this home, the one on the left is the one I was planning to use. I've heard "shark bite" fittings may be the easiest way; any advice on where to splice the fittings in and such? I gleaned in another forum that a mixing valve may be a good idea as well, so that the temp can be set to what I need. It was also mentioned that water shutoff valves are also a good idea for when the tub isn't in use. I appreciate any and all advice on this, in as much detail as possible! I'll provide more pictures if needed, thanks.


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