Belly in line... Plumber installed Pressure Assist Toilet

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I moved in to my home about 3 years ago and had some problems with my line backing up. I had a plumber camera the line and he discovered a belly in the line under my kitchen, which he said was causing the blockage. There is only one bathroom beyond the kitchen, and this bathroom is the one that experiences blockage problems due to the belly.

The plumber said that unless I want to rip up the slab in my kitchen to fix the belly, he recommends installing a pressure assist toilet to assist in moving waste past the belly. I had that pressure assist toilet (Mansfield) installed a little over a year ago and have not had any problems until recently.

Recently, the "flush" on the Mansfield pressure assist became very weak. It takes 3-4 flushes getting waste down, when it typically only takes one. I thought the line might be backed up again due to the belly, so I called the plumber back out to snake and camera the line again. When he did, there was no blockage identified. He took apart the pressure assist tank and reassembled it and it was flushing good again. He said he didn't know why it was working good, as all he did was take apart the tank and reassemble it. That was about three weeks ago.

Now, three weeks later, the problem (weak flush) is back again.

I'm not a huge fan of the pressure assist due to the noise and the high cost of maintenance. Every other toilet in my house it a one-piece Toto. I pulled a Toto toilet out of this bathroom to install the pressure assist Mansfield (per my plumbers recommendation).

It is going to become expensive if I have to call the plumber back every three weeks to work on this Mansfield pressure assist. I am looking for the best solution to my problem. I have no problem pulling the Mansfield and installing something completely different if it is actually going to work. I need a solution that can really move some waste. Any advice is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU!


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A pressure assist toilet is the easiest fix for a belly in the line.
Repairing the pressure tanks are not really hard, often it's the air inducer that gets changed out, let me check to see if that's right.
Sometimes the fix is real simple. You also might want to consider picking up a new tank that can just be dropped onto the bowl.
That's easier that tweaking with the tank as they get older.


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There is a sweet spot for the cartridge on a flushmate. It may need adjusted a few times to get it right. My dad has one in his house which recently (after 12 years of flawless operation) started to run. I just changed the cartridge, but sure enough a couple weeks later it needed some minor adjustment. It's been fine since. Hopefully yours has been adjusted correctly and should be fine. If not the instructions explain the adjustments.
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