Bathrooms smell sometimes

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    Hi guys,

    We bought a house last year with 2 bathrooms of which 1 was only partially finished.
    It has since been finished and is used every day. The second bathroom gets used a few times a month only.

    Since we moved in we have noticed that sometimes there is a strong sewer smell in both bathrooms (at the same time). This occurs very irregular, sometimes a few days in a row, sometimes nothing for months.
    I've tried to figure out if the weather has anything to do with it but it also seems none related, summer or winter, rain or sun, no specific influence.

    Has anybody heard of something similar or any ideas of what could be causing this?

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    Bathroom Smells Some Times


    Phantom doors are hard to trace. Could be an open pipe somewhere and the smell could be coming from the wind...

    When I say wind I mean that when the wind blows from a certain direction it can help draw more air up one of your vent stacks.

    I might take notice of the wind direction while you try and figure out the smell.

    It might also be that the guest bathroom toilet is piped wrong and is S venting or the toilet is draining the trap in the guest bath sink.

    Next time you smell the smell - look for water down the sink drains.
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  4. Terry

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    Plumbing that does not get used can dry up. A trap without water is a straight line from the septic or sewer. I would first make sure that water is run every so often.
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