Bathroom Remodel - Question on venting/draining

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    Apr 6, 2019
    tldr - will image 2 pass inspection in Seattle area? Details below:

    We are adding a shower and toilet on the ground level of split level house. Two images are attached showing the work being done. The try1 image is from before the inspection that failed due to:
    • having 1 vent for both shower and toilet
      • inspector said each one needs a vent
    • the toilet being >6 ft from the vent
    In both images the original vent is to the right of the clean-out. The clean-out is the 3" that goes up the wall about a foot, and is accessible on the other side of the drywall.

    The try2 image shows the solution that the contractor and his team came up with today to address the 2 issues: adding a vent to the shower that runs horizontal about a foot to the wall, then up and over to meet up with the original vent. I measured the toilet waste pipe to where the shower joins it, and it's right at 3ft from flange to 90 degree bend, and 3ft from bend to shower wye, exactly 6ft to this point.

    The contractor wants a new inspection on Monday (4/8/19) and as I have pretty much zero knowledge of plumbing, I am curious if this solution will fix the 2 reasons above for failing the previous inspection. I also enjoy learning, which is also why I'm here posting.

    Thanks for any and all help.

    PS - I have my doubts on the horizontal vent run being truly horizontal since from other angles it looks like it runs slightly downward. Just throwing that out there, and will bring up with contractor on Monday.

    try1-venting_draining-failed_inspection_attempt1.jpg try2-venting_draining-pre_inspection_attempt2.jpg
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