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    Jan 25, 2009
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    Hello all. I'm planning ahead for my main bathroom renovation. We're in the middle of the master bath reno, but should be done in 3 weeks or so - and want to start right into the main bathroom when finished.

    We plan on a complete gutting of the main bathroom. We have the toilet (Toto Drake), sink, medicine cabinet, cabinet, and fixtures already. we do not have a tub picked out yet.

    Our current tub is a fiberglass one piece unit (with 3 sides for shower) 25 years old, in shambles. Cracks throughout, bends when you step in it. Horrible unit. We'd like to replace withs something more sturdy. Of course, it's going to have to get the tub unit alone, and either install tile or separate walls.

    What tub would you all recommend that is not overly expensive, yet not so cheap that it is a waste of money? Is there a website you know of that compares user reviews of tubs?


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