Basement Bathroom and Bar Sink Plumbing Plan Review

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First off, thanks to all the wonderful contributors on this site! After ten years, I'm finally moving forward with adding a basement and wet bar to my basement. I'm in Utah, subject to the 2018 IPC. I am planning on building a wet wall with a bathroom on one side and a bar sink on the other side. I'm attaching pictures of what I plan to do, any advice is greatly appreciated.

My design is based on a few things:

1. I believe I need a cleanout at the end of the in-ground line, so I'm putting a 3" cleanout inside a small closet that will enclose the exisiting floor drain. The floors already slope to the drain, so I figured I should put the clean out in there also, to make it easier/cleaner when/if the cleanout needs to be used. Would it be better or is it required to have this cleanout inside the bathroom?
2. I believe the bar sink would have to be the last fixture on the in-ground branch (closest to the stack), but the tub is going to be very close there, so my thought is to run a separate drain for the bar sink above grade through the new wall, and have it join the main stack with a san-t above the floor. Is that acceptable? Would it be better to have a second in-ground branch drain line to serve the bar sink by itself?
3. I believe I can have both the bathroom lav and the bar sink share a vent connection above their drains, allowing the lav drain to serve as a wet vent for the toilet and tub, is this correct? This line will run between the floor joists, then 90 up next to the stack and tie into an existing 1 1/2" 90. There is an existing 1 1/2" vent connection into the stack in the wall above, and while I think 2" would be ideal, I belive 1 1/2" is acceptable for the fixture units below. Is that right?
4. The full length of 3" pipe run is 9', if that is useful information.

Thank you!

Basement Plumbing Plan Pic 1.jpg

Bathroom Plumbing Plan Pic 2.jpg
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