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    I've read on a few websites that it is best to never run a generator at 100% capacity. These sites indicate it is best to run at 80% OR less to obtain the best performance AND life from the generator. This may not be true, but it's what I've read and would like the opinions of the experts on this site:

    > The generator type in question is a Honda EU3000is
    > The spec sheet indicates the generator has a 3000 watt MAX, but is rated for 2800 watts

    Although I haven't had the need to use the generator yet, I had purchased the unit with the plans to run approximately 2500 watts at any given time ………………… which is approximately 89% of the rated capacity.

    Based on the knowledge of this site's experts, are my plans acceptable OR would it best be in my interest to adjust my plans accordingly to ensure I don't over-work the unit and cause it to fail prematurely?

    Thanks in advance for your input!
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    That 3000 watt rating is as read in ads for this model, start up watts. All inductive loads (motors) take more current at startup than once running. The 80 % rule is true for almost any motor or generator including engines of all kinds. It's not any different than your own vehicle. Run it full throttle all the time and you know you'll burn it up and suck fuel like crazy.

    If all items running are 2500 watts, usually not all of the appliance will be running at one time, therefore, your average load may be much lower. Honda inverter generators are really nice since they can regulate voltage versus load. It will trip out if the unit gets too hot in overload situations to protect itself. Many Honda generators can run parallel with each other and if you find that the generator cannot handle the load because the breakers are tripping out or the appliance is not running 100%, you can always add another generator or remove some of the load. If this is for emergency situations for power outages for a day or two you'll probably be OK.

    Most ordinary big box store generators do not regulate and as the load increases, the voltage will start to drop as it get near its rating. Low voltage to motors will cause them them to draw more current thus get hotter. All refrigerators made in the last 40+ years require and built in thermal switch for low voltage situation.

    To understand what inductive loads are google "impedance".
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