Advice needed on chlorine injection and PexA piping for IRB.

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Good day all,
I’ve read a lot of great threads on here about chlorine and the associated Pex degradation and feel like I’m missing something. I bought a home that was built in 2009 and sat pretty much vacant from 2012-2022. The home is on a well and an aerobic septic. Once we moved in we noticed orange staining and film in sinks and toilets with a musty (not rotten egg) odor. I decided to have a water test done and got the attached results.

Most sales reps have said we need a whole home RO to combat the chloride and TDS, but can’t afford 10-15k for a whole home RO right now. To get started I wanted to run a big blue sediment filter, chlorine injection, carbon backwash, softener, and a POU RO. However, after more research I realized that there is a chlorine rating for pex following previous failures. I went in the attic and found the hot water line shown in the attached photos, which I believe only has a chlorine resistance of 1.

Yesterday, I repaired a leaking shutoff valve at the junction between the pex and PVC from the well and when I opened the pipes I found black film inside the pex and orange film inside the pvc. Is there any way I can sanitize the system without destroying the pex and will the carbon knock down the chlorine to prevent harm to the pex? Ive heard ozone, but seems controversial whether or not it wouldkill or inhibit the bacteria growth. Thanks in advance for any help!

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