2 guys for a 1 man job

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  1. Why did I try this?

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    Aug 31, 2012
    I had a zone control valve repair, a couple purge valves put in and one other short pipe splice. One guy showed up and was working quickly and then about 45 min. later another guy came by and has been standing around with his thumb up his a**. The 2nd guy has been here for nearly 2 hours and all he has done is go to the van a couple times for parts. 4.25 man hours later and counting they are still here.

    Has anyone here ever refused to pay their full furnace repair bill or had a customer refuse to?

    Great, 5.25 man hours in they filled the boiler but forgot to solder an elbow, they are now emptying it, again :mad:

    Well man#1 was here for 4.75 hours & man #2 was here for 2.75 hours and did 15 minutes of work. I'll see how honest these people are...
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