1985 Electrical Code, Bathroom Circuit Amperage in Georgia

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    Oct 19, 2011
    In Georgia, I have a rental house built in 1985. At that time, what was code for the amperage of the circuit serving the bathroom? This house has a single 15A breaker for a circuit serving both the master and adjacent guest bathroom, each a full bathroom. I know that code requires a 20A circuit now, but what about back then? (Tenant's 2000W hair dryer plus bright bathroom lights consume 14.7+3.8=18.5A and trip the breaker after a few minutes. No halogen bulbs available for light fixture, although that wouldn't matter anyway with the hair dryer drawing 14.7A and randomly 15.1A on my clamp-on meter.)
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    In 1984 the bathroom circuit could be a general purpose circuit of 15 amps but the receptacle was required to be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protected. Even the kitchen circuits could be a 15 amp circuit but the kitchens were to be 20 amps in the 1990 cycle.

    The requirement for the bathroom receptacle to be on a 20 amp circuit came about in the 1996 cycle.

    I hope this helps and welcome to the forum.
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