10" rough in

  1. WinterWinter3

    10" rough in

    I'm in need of a 10" rough-in toilet with an elongated seat. Really hoping to find a one-piece if possible? Or at least one that has a concealed trapway. Is this possible? Am I just looking in the wrong places? Is it possible to use a slimmer tank on a different base to get the concealed...
  2. Kathryn

    Selecting a toilet with 10” rough in

    Hello! I’m trying to select a reliable, don’t-ever-have-to-think-about-it-again toilet for a small powder room. 10 inch rough in Total depth of the room is 47 inches. I know that all reviews are in favor of Toto, but doesn’t seem like there’s a model that’s short enough to fit this space…...
  3. Jim Hall

    Toilet Clearance issue on 10" rough in

    I am trying to replace an older (approx 1961) American Standard toilet but cannot find a model to fit. It is a 10" rough in but there is baseboard heat behind the toilet which takes up about 2" of would be clearance. Looking for suggestions or a good source of detail drawings of different...
  4. CatsRule

    Small Toilet with 10" Rough In Recommendations?

    Getting 3 toilets. 1. Guest bath: We need to replace a toilet in a very small bathroom. I've been trying to find a shorter depth seat and overall smaller toilet and there aren't many options. The current toilet is 27 inch depth and the door hits it. The round Kohler San Souci would have been...
  5. FibroStargazer

    10 inch rough in

    This is my first post so forgive me if I'm posting the wrong way.... I'm a homeowner that hates making choices so obsesses about about every detail (and then add fibro to make it all the more confusing, lol) that is still suffering with my last obsession outcome. After making all the notes and...
  6. AKRBT

    10" rough in but still tight

    I have a very tight basement toilet/shower room. The toilet has a 10" rough in (I measured from wall to center of bolts). The toilet is an odd one, when you flush it there is an internal action in the tank that dumps the whole tank's contents at once, in a rocker type action, not anything like...
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