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I have two Briggs 4440-1.6 gpf toilets in my home. One is rarely-used and flushes fine. The other is frequently-used and has started to flush slowly down the drain. When I flush, the water gets alarmingly high and then unimpressively flushes.

I tested for an obstruction in the pipes by quickly pouring a 10 oz. glass of water into the idle bowl, and the bowl quickly flushes. I assumed the rim jets could be clogged, but my Briggs 4440 toilets don't have rim jets.

Instead of rim jets, there is a slit underneath the rim. If you're standing in front of the toilet and the edge of the bowl closest to the tank is 12 o'clock, the slit runs narrowest from 11 to 1 o'clock and it appears to open wider beyond these points (towards you).

I squirted The Works into the slit and let it set a few hours, but it didn't improve the flushing power. I pour vinegar into the overflow and let it stand for a few hours: still slow. Hot vinegar: still slow. CLR: still slow.

Any suggestions?
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